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Basic Funeral Urn Large Poster

Basic Funeral Urn Large Poster

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Basic Funeral Urn This urn is handcrafted with top quality wood and is designed to be a premium and durable product. The long-lasting finish of the Saint Jude poster ensures that it will not fade or rust over time, providing a lasting tribute for your loved one.
Measuring 14cm wide x 14cm long x 21cm high, this urn includes two concealed stainless steel oppressive screws for secure closure of the lid. Plus, it comes with a metal plate at no additional cost and a free ash bag. Cleaning is very simple, it only requires water and a cloth.
With a 30-day guarantee, we offer shipping to the entire Mexican Republic.

If you want a personalized plaque, we recommend adding it to the cart along with the urn so that they arrive together. The plate can be engraved with the name, date of birth and death, or a short phrase, and requires an additional day to prepare, BUY IT HERE.
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