¿Qué es una mascota?

What is a pet?

Pets They are domestic animals, they are also called companion animals and as their name indicates, they are kept by their owners to be part of the family, reduce loneliness and bring joy to their homes. Pets brighten our days, they offer us company and some of them can even become allies for us in the execution of daily tasks if they are given correct training.

Recent studies have shown that having a pet at home can counteract stress, lowers our blood pressure Every time we pet them, they increase self-esteem by putting you in the role of their “leader” and they are an excellent source of lessons in responsibility and sensitivity for children, among many other benefits.

Some of the favorite pets To have at home are first of all dogs, then come cats, fish, canaries or parakeets, rabbits, hamsters and even ferrets and pygmy hedgehogs, this because they are animals that require basic care and offer company, decreasing bad mood and in certain cases encouraging their owners to do physical activities by playing and going for walks with them.

Pets can be great allies in processes of recovery from surgeries and illnesses and serve as guides to promote the best orientation of blind, disabled or deaf people. Pets must be treated with love and to guarantee their quality of life, it is not only enough to offer them water and food, they must also have the necessary items for their health, grooming, rest and walks.

Another important point for pet care is regular veterinary check-up , this will guarantee optimal growth, better development of your pet in its daily activities and a longer life, so it is positive to start taking it routinely for its check-ups and vaccinations and if possible, have a veterinarian trusted to attend to you on a regular basis.

Many people buy their pets, while others They are adopted from local shelters, but while the character, sociability and adaptability of pets are traits that help you choose the right one for your family, their behavior and discipline directly depend on the education you give them.


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